Edwardstown – Blackwood Interclub – 17-Jul-2012

The annual competition – this time at Edwardstown’s rooms at Glandore. We had a good turnout from BPC members (14 in all – plus a few apologies) which was very pleasing. The judge for the night was Des Berwick, from Adelaide Camera Club, who evaluated our images efficiently, with generally constructive comments to help the assembled photographers.

A total of 110 images were presented by both clubs – our digital selections are below:

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The results



Colour prints 117 116
Monochrome prints 101 114
Digital images 186 195

So we didn’t win, but we weren’t embarassed either.  Congratulations to Edwardstown – but as we both said – its not about the competition but about having some fun.

For the benefit of BPC members, here’s a list of our top scorers in each category:


Colour prints

Monochrome prints

Port Augusta sunset
James Allan (9)
Mother and child
Helen Whitford (9)
(Also an SAPF award & Trophy winner)
Floating Clipper
Eric Budworth (10)
Jaguar reflection
John Vidgeon (10)
Gap in the fence
Hilary Thompson (10)
Cat and mouse
John Vidgeon (9)
Giant Cuttlefish
James Allan (10)
Eye for detail
Chris Schultz (10)
Giggly squirt
Helen Whitford (9)
(Also an SAPF Trophy winner)

Edwardstown also put on a very pleasant supper – thanks for that! We had a look at the images, chatted to a few folks including the judge (no – James’ swimmer did not have a crooked horizon & my guitarist did have a fret board that was discontinuous :lol:), and had a good look at all the images. Regardless of the outcome, a pleasant evening was had by all, and we look forward to returning the favour next year at our place.

Before I sign off, I will register a small note of protest here – Des had judged at the SAPF Annual Exhibition and a number of the entries were exhibited at that event – so perhaps the judging was slightly compromised (in which direction I can’t say). Des himself admitted that it made his judging more difficult. Perhaps both clubs need to think about a change in scheduling or judge selection for the evening to help both the judge and the clubs.

Chris 😉

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