29th Annual Exhibition wrap up – 2012

The BPC Annual Exhibition has been run, judged, awarded and examined!

Yep – all over. Thanks to everyone for their entries and efforts.

Judging night saw the well oiled BPC machine (with some minor hiccups) displaying a great range of images – album, colour & mono prints, along with the projected images, which this year did not include any slides. Thanks must go to Mark Pedlar for collating the prints in order ready for display, and Ray & Julie Goulter for their picture hanging skills πŸ˜†

Our judges, Lydia Strutton (Port Adelaide Camera Club and SAPF Secretary), Suzanne Opitz (Adelaide Camera Club) & Lindsay Poland (Photographic Wholesalers) worked their way through:

  • 18 Album prints
  • 39 Colour prints
  • 19 Monochrome prints
  • 35 Projected images

Of course being a panel judging, there was no feedback, and the scorers (Ashley & myself) diligently recorded the numbers whilst the audience sat admiring the work of their fellow club members.

Next years Annual Exhibition judging will be not be a club meeting to help reduce the no-doze consumption πŸ˜†

Two weeks later, after a bit more work, we were ready for the exhibition. Awards were engraved, certificates and the Annual Exhibition booklet printed, copies of everyones scores prepared, and Ray’s camera was fired up ready for recording the great event.

Many club members toiled to put up the images – with labels, so we could see who did what and have a chat about how images were captured and admire the creativity of our fellow photographers. On top of that a range of food was laid out for all to share whilst we surveyed the images – courtesy of our members! As one member pointed out, it was good just to have a relaxed evening talking about the images with each other. We were also honoured to have Lydia return to view our awards night and share in the fun.

So on to the results!

The winners of the awards & certificates……

Album Prints

Annual Aggregate

  • JV Spick awardΒ  – Helen Whitford
  • 2nd – James Allan
  • 3rd – Heather Connoly

Annual Exhibition

  • Edge Malpas awardJo Tabe : Beachport Jetty
  • 2nd – James Allan : Fern frond unfurls
  • 3rd – Adrian Hill : Kanyaka Ruins

Colour Prints

Annual Aggregate

  • Blackwood Photographic Club awardHelen Whitford
  • 2nd – John Vidgeon
  • 3rd – James Allan

Annual Exhibition

  • Mal Klopp awardJohn Vidgeon : It wasn’t me
  • 2nd – Joe Tabe : Days end
  • 3rd – James Allan : Common Brown Butterfly

Monochrome Prints

Annual Aggregate

  • Blackwood Times awardJames Allan
  • 2nd – Heather Connolly
  • 3rd – Jo Tabe

Annual Exhibition

  • I’ve Been Framed awardJames Allan : Lone Surfer
  • 2nd – Jo Tabe : Lenswood Ruin
  • 3rd – Jo Tabe : Something in the air
  • Merit – Helen Whitford : Two of a kind

Projected Images

Annual Aggregate

  • Photographic Wholesalers awardJohn Vidgeon
  • 2nd – James Allan
  • 3rd – Helen Whitford

Annual Exhibition

  • Hutt St Photos awardJohn Vidgeon : Cat and Mouse
  • 2nd – John Vidgeon : Balloons in grain
  • 3rd – Jo Tabe : Wanna
  • WEA APC Landscape TrophyJo Tabe : Wanna

I can see a pattern here – certain names just keep appearing! But seriously, all of you exhibited some great images, and although there are official judged winners, its not about the competition but about sharing and having a bit of fun.

So there you go – another Annual Exhibition over, another year over. All of the images from the digital section are in the Top Digital Images page – pop over and have a look.

Sincere thanks must go to Mark Pedlar for collating and organising the Annual Exhibition material (including certificates, the book, the score sheet etc etc etc), Helen Whitford for collecting/collating all the scores over the year, Yvonne Sears for organising the trophy engraving, doing those club secretary things etc, Ashley Hoff for running around and chasing things up, the scorers, image hangers, chair stackers etc, and all of you for participating, sharing your images and making the club function. If I’ve left a name or two out its just the lateness of the hour and I apologise in advance (check the post time – its after 1am!)

Have a great holiday break, relax with family and friends, keep those shutters firing, collecting images and enjoying your art. And don’t forget that next year we’ll be having those critique sessions – so collect the images you want to talk about.


Chris πŸ˜‰

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