Once more into battle we went – the BPC/EPC interclub – 4-Jul-2013

Yes – its that time of year again. The annual duel between Blackwood Photographic Club/Edwardstown Photographic Club. On this occasion we held it at our club on a night when the heavens opened. I can attest to that – I kept stepping in a puddle as I moved the selected prints, projection hardware and El Presidente paraphernalia between my car and the club rooms.

Despite the weather we had a good turnout, with 15 EPC members in attendance and about 30 from our club. For a change this year we did the scoring on 2 computers (ours and theirs). Judge Derek Mikolaj & I had joked earlier in the week about scoring with fractions. Oops – that got Derek going and he used just that system – Nine and a half, Six and three sixteenths, 8.95 – you get the idea! The scorers had a chore keeping up, but computers and spreadsheets can cope with these things – as long as you can convert a fraction to decimal (actually, you can do the calculation too – 7 and 3/8 is just that 7 plus 3 divided by 8). Anyway, we had a very good selection of prints (mono & colour), and 50 digital images to see. Derek worked efficiently through the images, giving constructive criticism along the way. These were the best images from both clubs – so marks were generally very high with eleven full 10s (not fractions).  The competition proceeded with some wows, some not so wows and some witty remarks from both the judge and the audience. Who said we can’t have fun with the judge?

In the end, despite our best efforts (with images from 25 BPC members – every one gets an image in if they submit), Edwardstown won on the night. The scores? Well here is a little table:

Digital images 220.1 226.9
Monochrome images 127.25 130.8
Colour prints 120.275 124.275




Once again, not a lot in it, but EPC took out every category, even though we had more full 10s on the night (7 vs 4) – but who’s counting? EPC have kindly allowed us to show all of their digital images on this page as well as ours, so rather than carry on any more about competitions, just look at the images and see which ones you liked the best. We’ve put the top scorers from our club in the Top Digitals page, and the slide show here of all the digital images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To finish the night, BPC members laid on a great spread of supper (which seemed to go down well) whilst everyone checked out the prints still around and had lots of chats about the images.  It was great to see the best from both clubs. Bring on next year – where we are going to propose some changes to open up the competition and level the playing field some more 😆 Chris 😉

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