Annual Exhibition 2013

The year has gone

The comps are done

The judges scored

Awards were won!

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The Annual Exhibition on Thursday November 22nd saw a great turn-out of members and guests to celebrate the year of photographic endeavour, learning, friendship and achievement that was Blackwood Photographic Club in 2013.

The club could not function without a huge effort from those willing to be involved, from our new President, Ashley Hoff, who did an admirable job of hosting his first Annual, previous President Chris Schultz who put enormous energy into ably guiding us through the greater portion of 2013, to all the members who help with setting up and taking down of equipment, organising supper etc., and of course, all who bravely fronted up to the judges with images for competition.

One person who has gone above and beyond the call was James Allan who was awarded the Bill Templar Award for 2013.  James has put an enormous amount of time and effort into arranging outings throughout the year where many members have shared their knowledge, honed their skills and made new friends.  He has collated and edited Camera Clips where he has gathered and written a range of interesting articles and shared images from the outings. He also put together another fabulous calendar, sourcing images from as many members as possible to make it a truly representative and inclusive showcase of the club’s work.

Thanks to Lydia Strutton AAPS, (SAPF Secretary) and Andy Smylie, AAPS, AFIAP, who judged our images earlier on November 9th, and to Lydia for returning on Thursday night where she was roped into presenting the awards.  As for the results of the Annual Exhibition competition, it seems you had to have a name beginning with J or H to rank in the top images.  Congratulations to James, Jo, John, Jenny, Jim, Heather and Helen for placings!  (Sympathies to those whose names do not begin with J or H!)  To all who entered the Annual and also the regular competitions through-out the year, thank-you and congratulations on a great effort!  Regardless of scores and awards, it is you the photographers who courageously present images, knowing that the judging is incredibly subjective, knowing that not everyone will ‘get’ what you were trying to achieve, knowing that you are still learning and experimenting with camera and post-processing techniques, knowing that your printer might not be giving you the results you thought you had, knowing that you might feel ‘shot down’ or go home on a high because something you did struck a chord with someone, it is YOU who make the competitions and who make the club what it is!

Here are the Trophy Winners and a few of the other certificate recipients that were present

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Annual Exhibition Competition Results

Projected Images

Jo Tabe_More from Wana

Jo Tabe – More from Wana

 1st Hutt St Photos Award  Jo Tabe  More from Wana
 2nd  Heather Connolly  April Fog
 3rd  John Vidgeon  Waiting for a Grub
Merit  James Allan  Hanging Rock
 WEA Landscape Tropy Jo Tabe  More from Wana

Monochrome Prints

Helen Whitford - Hello There!

Helen Whitford – Hello There!

 1st  I’ve Been Framed Award Helen Whitford Hello There
 2nd  Helen Whitford  Nice Kitty
 3rd  Helen Whitford  Otter
Merit  Jo Tabe  Keen

Colour Prints

Helen Whitford - King of Beasts

Helen Whitford – King of Beasts

 1st Mal Klopp Award Helen Whitford King of Beasts
 2nd Jim McKendry Bird of Paradise
 3rd  Jenny Pedlar Island Boats
Merit  Jenny Pedlar That’s where I left Them!
Merit  Jo Tabe Portland Lighthouse

Album Prints

Jo Tabe_Just a Donkey

Jo Tabe – Just a Donkey

 1st   Jo Tabe Just a Donkey
 2nd  James Allan Eric’s Frypan
 3rd  Helen Whitford Dewy Cactus
Merit  James Allan Mallee Buds

Annual Aggregate Results

Projected Images

 1st   Photographic Wholesalers Award Helen Whitford 
 2nd James Allan 
 3rd Chris Schultz 

Monochrome Prints

 1st   Blackwood Times Award James Allan 
 2nd Jo Tabe 
 3rd Helen Whitford 

Colour Prints

 1st   Blackwood Photo Club Award Helen Whitford 
 2nd John Vidgeon 
 3rd James Allan

Album Prints

 1st   JV Spick Award Helen Whitford 
 2nd James Allan 
 3rd Heather Connolly 

To see all the Top Scoring Images from throughout the year visit our Top Scoring Prints and Top Scoring Digital Images pages.

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