31 Day Challenge – again!

Yes – its back! The 31 Day Challenge is back and its going strong! In case you haven’t been to our Flickr page (or not been looking at the feed on this web page), we are having a challenge to post an image a day (from that day) over December. No prizes, but its a challenge to capture an image after a long day at the wage mine (or whatever occupies your time). To quote Ashley:

“Can you do it? Have you got what it takes? Can you take and post 1 photo per day for a whole month?

The idea is simple:

  • For each day of December, take photographs each day
  • On each and every day, post your favourite photograph of the day to this group
  • To help each other follow what we are photographing, make sure you include the words “BPC 31 Day Challenge” either in the name or in the description. It can also help if you put in what day you are doing!
  • Make sure you check back regularly and comment on your fellow club members photographs

You can also make it a bit more challenging if you like. How about considering a theme? Or even considering limiting yourself to a specific piece of equipment or lens for the period?

Don’t panic if you miss a day, or cannot post every day – this is not a competition, its just a bit of fun. Try and catch up as soon as you can.

So, who’s in?”

This is very challenging intellectually – but it does make you think about finding new things. The first time we did this I spent a month photographing windows. Tricky! But as the month progressed I found lots of new ways to see windows and got some (what I thought) were good images. And it can provide some images for competition too. This time I’m sticking with closeup & macro. I think I’m pushing myself – you be the judge (oops – that word again!).

Here’s a suggestion – use some of the competition subjects for next year as a theme and shoot a few days worth for that theme (do it continually so you keep evolving ideas on that theme). Pop them on the Flickr page and see what feedback you get. You never know – it could be the next Annual Exhibition winner!

Oh – and if you Google “31 Days photo challenges” or “photo a day” you’ll get more ideas to fire your imagination.

Don’t be shy – give it a go! And don’t worry if your late to the party.

Chris 😉

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