Camera Clips – New Format

I have been developing a new vehicle for Camera clips.

In the past all of our editions of Camera Clips were e-mailed to members as a pdf file.  As the editions became more complex, the size increased and it was not possible to get the pdf files down to a manageable size.  They might have resulted in slow downloads.  In the last 12 months they have disappeared from the club web site altogether.  This is because we have a 1Mb limit on the files that we can upload to this site.

With encouragement from Chris I have decided to come up to date and publish the newsletter in a web format.  Sometimes this is referred to as a blog.  You could say, getting up with the times.   I will convert the newsletters from the last 12 months to html format and they can now be accessed from the Camera clips page (as previously).  I have just converted the last 3 editions of the newsletter, October, August and June.

I must warn you that the appearance is slightly different.  I still have a banner for each edition, with a short editorial write up followed by several short articles.  However there are several web pages to each newsletter and you will have to click on the links to move from page to page. Try clicking on different things until you get the hang of it.

Go to the Camera Clips page to access the newsletters, alternatively the new html format camera clips articles can be perused at the following address:

I am quite excited and think the newsletter looks good in its new guise.  I hope and trust that the new format works well for you.  If it doesn’t, please let me know.  If it fails I trust that you can forgive my failings as I am only new at this game.


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