The 7 Deadly Sins – Sloth wins! – July 16th

Ron Hassan - Sunset in Turkey_ Open

Ron Hassan – Sunset in Turkey – Open

Last month I mentioned that I hoped we’d do better with our Set Subject this time around but it seems that while there was a little envy over other people’s scores and pride in achievement, we mostly displayed sloth (or am I being mean saying we were too lazy to get out there and find some sins to photograph?)  Perhaps we’re all too angelic or maybe  we need to stick to more conventional Set Subjects?  Committee members will be looking for suggestions for 2016!

Out of a total of 68 images presented on the night just 8 were in the Set Subject.  At least we didn’t give the judge, Susie Lipert, too much difficulty in deciding what was ‘in category’.  Susie gave a lot of thoughtful feedback, showing a preference for sharpness throughout the image and often urging us to get in tighter.  She made the poignant comment that maybe what the author intended was not what she was seeing.  Subjectivity in judging is unavoidable, and I’m sure we all want the judge to ‘get’ our image, but this is never guaranteed!

We were all very pleased to see Ron Hassan’s “Sunset in Turkey” get the recognition it deserves with a 10.  Gloria Brumfield is also shining this year with some brilliant wildlife and nature images.


Gloria Brumfield – Is it Edible? – Open

Ursula Prucha impressed the judge with her night light scenes, taking out all the Projected Image tops.

c16_Ursula Prucha_West Terrace light show_open

Ursula Prucha – West Terrace Light Show – Open

It was great to see an excellent turnout on such a cold night and brilliant to again see a number of new members and visitors.  It would be great to see entries from our new members in the next competition – “Nature in the City”!

As always, click the links for Top Prints and Top Projected Images.


Helen 🙂

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