Nature in the City – Aug. 27th

Helen Whitford_City Gulls

Helen Whitford_City Gulls

It seems that at Blackwood PC we are all individuals and won’t be told what to photograph!  🙂 Once again our set subject received far fewer entries than the Open section, although Nature in the City seemed like a relatively user-friendly subject.  Judge, Keith Seidel, came armed with his ready wit to exchange repartee with Chris over image titles and his penchant for segues. Keith took our images seriously though, thoughtfully discussing aspects which impressed him and offering suggestions for improvement.

It was great to see one of our relatively newer members, David Brown, do well with his artistic images – Microcosm and Silk Screen and battle with Alberto Giurelli and Helen Whitford for top spots in the Colour Prints. Current President, Ashley Hoff, made a great impression with his projected monochromes and James Allan and Gloria Brumfield showed some beautiful nature and wildlife images.

But competitions nights are not  just about scores – they’re a great opportunity to receive feedback on your images from an experienced photographer and to show other members your images that you like.  All members are encouraged to enter competitions and especially now start gathering your best images for our Annual Exhibition.  It would be fantastic to see at least one or two images from all members!

Visit our Top Projected Images and Top Print Images to see some of this month’s great images, and scroll back through the year for perhaps a little inspiration!


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