B05_Ron Hassan_loving her work_set subject

Loving her Work – Ron Hassan

People At Work was our subject for August which had the following definition: One or more people conducting their normal daily occupation must be the significant focus of these images.

For this night, our judge co-ordinator, Alberto Giurelli, stepped “outside the bubble”. Instead of an SAPF judge we were privileged to have an interesting new perspective on critiquing club member images via professional photographer, Peter Barnes.

Peter is a commercial photographer based in Adelaide and specialises in architectural, industrial and landscape photography. In amongst his accolades, in 2015 he was awarded Master of Photography by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). A host of awards are his, including Commercial Photographer of the Year in 2011 and 2013 and Travel Photographer of the Year in 2012 and 2013. He is also, by the way, a judge of the annual SAPF  Annual Exhibition. He states that “My photography celebrates the things we build…” and I have to say much more too. If you want to check out some more of his work besides the images immediately below try

 .Image result for peter barnes photography  Image result for peter barnes photography  Image result for peter barnes photography

I was trying to pick up on the key messages coming from Peter and he had plenty of positive feedback for many images eg:

  • Original
  • Good composition
  • Good light
  • Sharp
  • Excellent colour
  • Good expression
  • “I got a strong connection with this….”
  • “I feel the power of water in this”
  • “..lots of energy and passion in the subject.”
  • “good contrast of colours”
  • “..the simple focus of this image works”

Peter also had provided suggestions on how to improve:

  • Faces need to be clear and well lit.
  • Sharpness is critical as is appropriate use of depth of field.
  • Look for any distractions in an image eg. any unnecessary lines across the image or things that don’t add to the image.
  • It is important not to over photo-shop eg. a building was “too green” and another image “over sharpened”.
  • Balance the foreground with the background.
  • Try not to leave the viewer trying to guess what the message of the image is, such that they don’t have to assume too much.
  • Always ensure the horizon is straight.
  • Look after the detail eg: “Need more control of the whites in the clouds”.
  • Check the background when photographing and when preparing an image for judging, check it again and if necessary crop.
  • The composition should ideally “jump out” at the viewer.

For me the main repeated messages I got related to the need for greater sharpness and to ensure faces are clear and well lit.

With all this said we once again had plenty of pretty special images to peruse and it should be noted that the points allocated were lower than we are familiar with using SAPF judges.

The highest scores among the 27 entries we had for the Set Subject category (People at Work), were 8’s. These were awarded to:

  • Jenny Pedlar for Moving The Herd
  • Alberto Giurelli for Gondoliers
  • James Allan for Worker
B02_James Allan_Train Driver_Set

Train Driver – James Allan

In the Open category we had 40 entries and from these we had two that scored 9 points:

  • Alberto Giurelli for Remarkable Rocks
  • Alberto Giurelli for Palm Cockatoo

There were 11 entries that scored 8 points:

  • James Allan for Album 48
  • James Allan for Album 46
  • Eric Budworth for A Good Match
  • Grant Coles for Looking Up
  • Helen Fletcher for The-Bride
  • James Allan for Laminar Flow
  • Alberto Giurelli for Dream Flower
  • Ron Hassan for Can I Help You
  • Alberto Giurelli for Tranquility
  • James Allan for Jonquils
  • James Allan for Caged
C06_Alberto Giurelli_Palm cockatoo_Open

Palm Cockatoo – Alberto Giurelli

Looking forward now to our next competition night on Thursday October 6, with the subject ‘Sport’.  But before this we have an excursion on Sunday August 18 to Victoria Square in the city to photograph the City to Bay Fun Run. There is a separate detailed note coming out shortly on this via our President Chris Schultz.

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