September edition of Camera Clips


This is an early edition of Camera clips.  Fortunately I have been given enough material to post early this month.  Camera Clips in my mind is a club magazine because it reflects the knowledge and views of our club members.  If you have a point of view, a beef, write to me and I will publish your experiences and ideas.  We accept that there is diversity of experience and we aim not to have an editorial bias.

Here is the link.

So this is what I have to offer you this month.  How to take portraits with Holi powder.  Burning steel wool.  Madagascar and East Africa. The changing face of Singapore, a light pollution map of South Australia and of course photos from our club excursions to Para Wirra and City to Bay.  Of course that is a very quick run through.  Go and have a read for yourself.  Quite a diverse offering this month.  I have enjoyed putting this together.


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