The club meeting on Thursday August 31 dealt with that most changeable and often most talked about subject of ‘Weather’. It’s a sure fire way to get a conversation going with almost anyone, especially farmers, apparently.

The definition of weather for this competition was:  ‘An image that conveys weather as the major feature, not simply the effects of weather.’

Our judge for the night was well known Edwardstown photo club identity, Peter Phillips. With some 35 members present and around 85 photos to work through it was a busy night.

Heather Connolly foggy cliffs

Foggy Cliffs- Heather Connolly

Here are just a few of Peter’s comments from the evening:

  • Colour contrast can often help
  • Simple images work, they don’t need to be colourful to tell a story.
  • We don’t get points for difficulty of taking the shot.
  • Animals need sharp eyes
  • Sometimes a clear blue sky is more value than a cloudy one to help highlight the focus of the image.
  • Macro shots need to be ‘pin sharp’.
  • An image needs something to hold the viewer’s attention.
  • Shooting in the city on a wet night is always good as you can get great reflections etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to make your image square….presentation is important.
  • Don’t crowd the image in a shot, give it room.
  • Wait up to half an hour after sunset and you’ll still get good colour.
  • In the mono set he commented that it is ‘good to have something dark in the image for contrast’.
  • He suggested several times on ways to crop certain images to maximise the focus and impact.
  • “Is it an image I’d want to look at for a long time?”

One important comment that stood out for me was “Shoot for yourself not for a photo club judge”.

Above are some of the high scoring weather shots and below a few examples from the open section.


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