OUR FINAL EXCURSION FOR THE YEAR – Happy snapping by the river!


The final meeting for the year was over, but for a seven of us (plus a couple of very patient partners) the final excursion for the year was a chance to freely take shots with no competition in mind. Unsurprisingly much of the fun was simply in bouncing ideas off each other.

Our meeting point was the Adelaide Railway Station which is where we began taking shots, mindful of the restrictions placed on us by Adelaide Metro. It’s an interesting place if only to observe people as they pour off the trains heading for their Christmas celebration events among other activities on a Saturday night.

We progressed very slowly and some more than others up the side of the InterContinental Hotel to the Torrens River banks and for a few, over the new Adelaide Oval foot bridge.

A quick thanks to Ron Hasan for his as ever enthusiastic willingness to offer guidance/advice where required on all things photography.

We finished the night observing more of Saturday night life in the city as we sat outdoors drinking coffee, eating waffles and sharing our experiences.

As you will observe we were all looking at the same space but, no surprise, we all saw things differently. Such is the beauty of photography.



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