BPC Annual Exhibition

Blackwood Photographic Club celebrated the work of our members with our 2017 Annual Exhibition on Thursday November 23rd.

It was great to see a range of seasoned and new members enter the competition (although it would always be good to have more!).  Awards were presented for Aggregate Scores for each section for the year as well as individual images in each section for the end of year Annual Exhibition.

There were many fantastic images both among the award winners and those which may not have caught the judges’ eyes.  Some of the prints will be on display at the Coventry Library, Stirling, from December 31st 2017 to January 14th 2018, so please take advantage of the opportunity to check out our photography.

Annual Exhibition Awards

Projected Images
Hutt Street Photos Award

Good Morning Mum – Ron Hassan

Ron receiving his award from BPC President, Mark Pedlar

WEA Australiana Landscape Award

Fall in the Forest – Helen Whitford

Helen receiving an award

Monochrome Prints
I’ve Been Framed Award

White Naped Raven – James Allan

James receiving one of his awards

Colour Prints
Fotoswift Award

Variable Sunbird – James Allan

Album Prints
Edge Malpas Award

Yellow Rumped Thornbill – James Allan

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2017 Aggregates

Projected Images – Photographic Wholesalers Award
1st James Allan, 2nd Chris Schultz, 3rd Kerry Malec

Projected Images Novice
1st Liliana Prucha, 2nd Al Falah Dhanji, 3rd David Hancock

Monochrome Prints – Blackwood Times Award
1st Mark Pedlar, 2nd James Allan, 3rd David Hancock

Mark receiving his award from Julie Goulter, BPC Secretary

Colour Prints – Blackwood Photographic Club Award
1st Jenny Pedlar, 2nd Mark Pedlar, 3rd Howard Seaman

Jenny receiving her award

Album Prints – JV Spick Award
1st James Allan, 2nd Howard Seaman, 3rd Helen Whitford

2017 Annual Exhibition Awards

Projected Images – Hutt Street Photos Award
1st Ron Hassan – Good Morning Mum
2nd James Allan – Purse Slipper Nest
3rd Helen Whitford – The Three Faces of Moyo
Merits – James Allan – Jewel Bug, Jennifer Williams – Kuitpo
WEA Landscape Trophy – Helen Whitford – Fall in the Forest

Monochrome Prints – I’ve Been Framed Award
1st James Allan – White Naped Raven
2nd James Allan – Zebra and Young
3rd James Allan – Stints
Merits – Helen Whitford – Blue and Gold Macaw, Mark Pedlar – Port Willunga Shower

Colour Prints – Fotoswift Award
1st James Allan – Variable Sunbird
2nd Chris Schultz – Antony and the Guitar
3rd  Eric Budworth – Match Point
Merit – Eric Budworth – Lake Maligne

Album Prints – Edge Malpas Award
1st  James Allan – Yellow Rumped Thornbill
2nd James Allan – Web
3rd Helen Whitford – Malabar Parakeet

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