Thinking Inside the Square – August 2nd Competition


Our Set Subject for August 2nd was “Square Crop.”  It didn’t matter what the subject of the image was, as long as it suited the square aspect ratio.  A number of members came to the party with some creative use of the format. Ray Goulter’s “Alignment”, James Allan’s “Loch Luna”, Howard Seaman’s “Fine Dining”” and Helen Whitford’s “Soursobs” and “Cutie Pie” were all noted by judge, David Rowlands, as suiting the square crop particularly well.

David provided very fair, well rounded comments, elaborating on what he liked and where he could see opportunities to improve the image.  I think we all appreciated the fact that he gave every image his full attention.

The Open category attracted some strong images too, with Anthony Kernich’s “Duomo” impressing, and Helen Whitford’s “Hello Sunshine” having impact.  James Allan’s “Pigs” and Mark Pedlar’s “Grey Ghosts on Pulteney” both showed a different perspective.

Entry numbers were low again and we’d really like to encourage everyone to participate in the competition, challenge yourselves and your fellow club-mates and take the opportunity to access feedback on your images from both the judge and other members.

Click the links for all of the Top Prints and Top Projected Digital Images.



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