Break The Boundaries – August 30th Competition


Eastern Rosella Twirled – Kerry Malec

The challenge for us this time was to ‘…produce images that “break the rules” and challenge your own comfort zone.’ While down on entries this time, there were some excellent examples for us to consider.

Our judge for the evening was Lindsay Poland, who is a professional photographer and works at Diamonds Camera Video and Digital. To pinch words from James Allan in the September Camera Clips article ( ):

‘Lindsay has quite a reputation, conducting workshops and has just returned from judging in Victoria.  Coming from outside the camera club circuit he has a different approach.  He favours strong simple compositions and rewards well printed and presented images.  He penalizes post processing that is obvious to the viewer, in particular if it increases noise and sharpening artifact.  His attention to detail is phenomenal, viewing the images from close up he is uncanny in his analysis of camera technique and post production.  It is hard to pull the wool over his observant gaze.’ Thanks James, well summarised.

He was certainly hot on spotting images where he saw evidence of over sharpening and it was clearly a focus for him.

We hope you enjoy some of the images from the evening.

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