6: 28-Nov-2016

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A little side note about those images from the 31 Day Challenge on Flickr – if you feel up to it, how about a little constructive critique? Here is a short article in fStoppers about just that from Mark Bowers that gives 3 simple pointers. Read it and use the ideas for the Flickr page, club critique nights and any of your online feedback
Ok – so now a few reads.

First one that I posted in our Facebook page:

As you know, I’ve been seeking more creative inspiration, and I’m not alone. Well, the Ted Forbes “Art of Photography” web site has a way to help you improve. The first video in the series is here: http://theartofphotography.tv/episodes/introducing-photography-assignments/ and then goes on to talk about sketch books (yes), assignments, creativity etc. It is really worth the 10 minutes in each of the videos to see if you can push your personal boundaries. In fact the first assignment is simple – try to take 10 different images of the same thing! As Ted says, break out of the same formula you always use

 How about something different for a landscape – a landscape in a jar? Have a look at this from Christoffer Relander. There is more of the story in fStoppers
Now a bit of nostalgia for you – Polaroid photos! Yep – remember them? I was using Polaroid B&W instant film up until 7 or 8 years ago – for servicing an X-ray device. Had to stop that when we couldn’t get the film. Fortunately, the device also had to be retired not long after. Many of you will remember the format – and my parents had 2 Polaroid cameras – the old style Swinger or  Square Shooter (used type 88 film) and the OneStep – the automatic motorised edition! I have no idea what became of them which is a pity. Here is a pleasant little retrospective in the Guardian – and you can buy the book (of course).
Finally, I’ll be reducing my messages for a while over the break – so if you miss these little missives my apologies 🤔

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