BPC vs EPC Interclub – 7-Jul-2011

Last Thursday the Blackwood Photographic Club hosted the annual Interclub with Edwardstown Photography Club.

In all three formats – colour prints, monochrome prints and projected images it was a close match, but at the end of the night Edwardstown were victorious by a small margin.

The results were:

Mono Prints:           Blackwood    97            Edwardstown   107

Colour Prints:         Blackwood  111            Edwardstown   112

Projected:                Blackwood  179            Edwardstown   189

Aggregate:               Blackwood  387            Edwardstown   408

Congratulations to our 18 entrants in the competition.  All BPC members submitting entries were represented. Overall the scores were good and everyone who took part should be proud of their contribution.

Our judge, Lou Marafioti, provided some amusing quips throughout the night and also offered what he felt were constructive comments and suggestions.  We will never agree with everything a judge says, but overall it was quite enjoyable.

Edwardstown was represented by a small number from their club who braved a very cold and bleak winter’s night to join us.

Thanks to those Blackwood members who provided a wonderful selection for supper.  A hot cuppa and something tasty to eat was a fitting end to the night.

We look forward to next year’s event, so start thinking about what you can contribute.  The committee may tap you on the shoulder at meetings in the coming months to suggest you submit one of your images for the Interclub.  Don’t be bashful, if someone else likes your image, have a go.

And for those that missed the night – the slideshow below shows you all of the BPC projected images entries!

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Julie Goulter

Secretary Blackwood Photographic Club

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