Catching up on a few competitions……..

My apologies to those that have been hanging out for a few words about competitions over the last few months – we’ve been a tad busy with other things (another post will describe that)!

However, all is not lost – the images have been posted for your viewing pleasure.

I’ve been away for some of the competitions, so I won’t comment about those, but I will pass comment on the the most recent competition I managed to get to – Low Light photography. The night was judged by Keith Siedel (of Edwardstown club & now the SAPF judge co-ordinator). We had a broad range of images for the evening – some that were fairly routine, and some that pushed the boundaries of low light imaging – including one very clever slide by Arthur Farmer entitled 5 minutes at f8 – the title says it all!

Keith’s judging was very constructive – and despite the number of images each images pros and cons were given! Some of the points to come out of the judging were partly personal preference, but also some basics that always work:

  • People add interest to an image – even in low light
  • Silhouettes are always an option
  • Tight cropping is not always the answer
  • Monochrome with incandescent light is a good alternative to colour
  • Red colours in a print always work
  • Try to capture the shape and form of landscapes – not just the broad sweep

Afterwards we had a good discussion about some of the images – including correcting some of the judges mis-understandings (like the car airconditioning button being on during a cold night in one image).

I’ll leave Ashley or someone else to post comment about the other competitions.

Chris 😉


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