September Edition Camera Clips

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We have just published our September edition of Camera Clips.  I would strongly recommend that you have a look.  There are some excellent articles from club members.  In my mind there are 3 articles that stand out.

  1. Jack Dascombe writes about his passion for infra red photography
  2. Bruce Nankervill tells about his journey on the Camina de Santiago in Spain.  (This article has had over 75 view in it’s first week.)
  3. Vivian Maier an American nanny has achieved post-humus fame upon discovery of her massive archive of unprocessed street photography.

There are also excellent articles by Jen Williams and a collection of photos from the Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens excursion.

To have a look, follow the following link;    Camera Clips September 2015

I hope that you enjoy this edition.


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