Annual Exhibition 2015

The annual exhibition is the culmination of the years calendar.  Everyone brings their best work to display.  This year was no exception.  The judging was conducted at the Pedlars house a fortnight before.  There were 3 judges, Gary Secombe, John Seidel and Renee Holmes.

On the night all of the images were displayed.  There were so many images that we ran out of display room.  The monochrome images needed to be laid out on tables at the back.

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There was a presentation of awards. These were distributed among a wide cross section of the club.  Apart from old names like Theo Prucha, Jenny Pedlar, Helen Whitford and Jo Tabe, awards went to newer members like Bruce Nankivell, Gloria Brumfield and Kerry Malec.  Congratulations must however go to all the prize and award winners.  Also I would like to acknowledge the work of all of the contributors – as the exhibition displayed the best of everyone’s work through out the year.  I couldn’t help thinking that the standards are going up and we are all being stretched by the competition.


The winners of the major awards this year are as follows:

  • Album Prints – Best Image – Edge Malpas Award – Helen Whitford
  • Album Prints – Aggregate – JV Spick Award – Theo Prucha
  • Colour Prints – Best Image – Fotoswift Award – Helen Whitford
  • Colour Prints – Aggregate – Blackwood Photographic Club Award – Helen Whitford
  • Monochrome – Best Image – I’ve been Framed Award – Alberto Giurelli
  • Monochrome – Aggregate – Blackwood Times award – Jo Tabe
  • Projected Images – Best Image – Hutt Street Photos Award – Bruce Nankivell
  • Projected Images – WEA Landscape Trophy – Jo Tabe
  • Projected Images – Aggregate – Photographic Wholesalers Award – Helen Whitford

I must thank Ashley for taking images and making them available for this article.  There was a lot of work that went on behind the scenes in preparation for the exhibition, including application forms, databases, collecting images, the judging, printing and displaying.

As well as the presentation of photographic achievement awards, the Bill Templar Award was given to Graham Field for his contribution to the club over the last year.  Sometimes the hardest workers are not always most visible.  This is true of Graham who works behind the scenes in his own quiet way.  Graham has gone the extra mile repeatedly to help the club run smoothly.

In Camera Clips I have a companion article in which I set out a collection  of the award winning images, the merits and most importantly the highest scoring image from each competitor.   I have asked competitors to reflect on their best images and give feedback as to how it was taken and why it was entered.  Be sure to have a read.


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