Circles Competition – from March


Peter Philips judged the circle competition this week. The set judge phoned in sick and Peter was called upon at the last minute. Actually earlier in the day he had driven back from the limestone coast where he and Keith Seidel had been judging. Peter however sounded fresh, quite a feat considering the travel he had done earlier in the day. After the meeting he confided to me that he actually really enjoyed judging at our club and found the standard to be quite high.

There were several themes arising out of the competition. Oil droplets on water was one. I was very impressed by images from Judy Sara and Helen Fletcher on this theme.         This might be a good subject for a future workshop. We saw a number of poppies, and the Endeavour replica berthed at Port Adelaide.         There were a dozen or so birds, a bug or two and a frog. Of course the car enthusiasts found lots of circles in hub caps and car dials and bolt heads and scooter mirrors. Peter did lose his composure at one point, describing a picture as rubbish. That however was not a reflection on the quality, but was the subject of the photo. (Old drink containers and empty cartons).         Jenny Pedlar had an impressive close up of the chrome hot dog stand at the recent Adelaide Festival. Mark got no credit for his Bas relief of taxis, but scored 10 with chairs at the art Gallery. He had a smile on his face.

Ray Goulter informed me that the scores ranged from 6 to 10 with an average of 7.5. Well actually I found myself struggling with less than expected scores in the print competition. This is always a sign that the competition is strong. The satisfying thing was the range of new faces in the honours list. Robyn Due scored 10 with heads up, a picture of Ken’s hats on a wall hanger. Howard Seaman scored 10 with a still life, Sam Savage with Entrada, Di Gage with her image of Cogs, David Atkinson with Slats and circle and Helen Fletcher with Brighton Beach. Unfortunately Helen Whitford, who is busy with the SAPF competition, was able to enter only one photo. Alberto Guirelli however did not disappoint, scoring well with images from Lake Bonnie and Italian street scenes and a Goth (did he say it was his daughter?).  Well done to all. I finally scored well in the very last print shown, a doorway on Tolmer place, from the Norwood Excursion. I promptly forgave Peter for being fickle with my earlier images.

As Peter said in his introduction, there is no shame in coming last in the Olympic 100m sprint.  It is indeed an honour to be of the standard to be in the running. I think the same could be said of our competition. The worst image tonight was bloody good.

James Allan

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  1. Judy Sara

    Hi James

    I really loved the photo of the hanging hats but it was not taken by me.

    Unfortunately I ended up in hospital on intravenous antibiotics so could not do the workshop on oil and water drops.


    10/04/2016 at 9:07 am