Urban Lanscape – Competition

Two weeks ago we had the Urban Landscape competition.  This was judged by a non-SAPF judge.  Simone Hanckel is a professional photographer working in “black and white children’s photography”.  First some of the images and then some comments from the club face book page.

Ashley Hoff

April 8 at 1:03pm

So, how did you find the judge last night? I thought she added something else and did a fantastic job!

Anyhow, if you want, check out her facebook page:  Simone Hanckel Photography





Jennifer Williams Sorry I missed it

April 8 at 3:00pm

Chris Schultz Ditto – I like good judging and from the sound of it the club benefited. Well done to Alberto for arranging something fresh!

April 8 at 4:06pm

Helen Fletcher Simone’s positivity and feedback were really something special. I learnt a lot last night. And that’s what it’s all about. Thanks Alberto – great choice of judge.

April 8 at 5:38pm

James Allan I like the fact that she never gave up on an image. She was an excellent interpreter of the authors vision. Better than the “this is what is wrong with this image” approach. Top marks

April 8 at 8:18pm

Jennifer Williams Sounds like I missed a great night

April 8 at 9:52pm

Stephanie Mallen Yes I thought she was great – she tried to offer some valuable comments for every image. She made some very good points about directing the viewers eye.

April 11 at 11:44pm

James Allan Do you think we should write this up for the webpage? Any objections to using the facebook comments?

April 16 at 10:50pm

Helen Whitford sounds like a good idea!

Yesterday at 9:24am

In conclusion – Another interesting night.  Well done to everyone who contributed.

James Allan

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